Here Comes the Sun…

The Sun card pretty much speaks for itself. It’s the moment of relief after you’ve escaped the dread of the Moon. It’s the realization that you’re awake, alive and ok, after a terrible nightmare.

When I see this image, I can feel the sunshine on my face as if I’m sunbathing at the beach, such is the power of this card.

My favorite example of a Sun scenario comes from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. If you’ve not read it, I highly recommend this book.* Without giving away too much, the main character, named Shadow, sacrifices himself upon a great tree, after the fashion of Odin. He dies and descends into the Underworld, guided by Thoth and Anubis. He is then resurrected, and in the first moments after his return to life, Shadow is transfixed by the world around him. He gazes at the flowers, truly enjoying life and living in the moment, with no thought of past or future, like a child. This happens near the end of the book, but it is not the end. Shadow has yet to participate in the great battle between the gods (Judgement), but for a few moments after his tribulation, he is purely happy just to be.

The Sun – WWT

In keeping with the fashion of the Sun card, I’ll keep this post short and simple. There is one final point I’d like to make, however, about the number of this card, nineteen. As a combination of the digits one and nine, it suggests the Magician and the Hermit. The Sun is a card of illumination, and it is through the combined energies of these two archetypes that illumination can be achieved in our lives. It was believed in the ancient North that the Sun in the sky was the eye of Odin, who just so happened to embody both of these archetypes.


*I cannot over-exaggerate how great this book is. It is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors, a skillfully woven story set in modern America with a diverse cast of ancient gods as characters. My description above does not do that scene justice.


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