Blog Overhaul.

Is this blog getting stale?

Well, I don’t know. In reality, I think not, but then again, I am certainly biased. But, stale or otherwise, I have been doing some serious reflection in the wake of my Hermit series, and I think it’s time for a refresher.

I’ve noticed that the number of drafts languishing in my draft folder has been growing as I begin new prompts only to get stuck halfway through. Why do I get stuck? I believe it’s because my perspective is shifting, and I’m not yet sure how to adequately express what I’m thinking – how am I to reconcile the new with the old?

My thoughts on the Tarot have steadily evolved since I began this site. I have no intention of removing old posts, or even editing them to reflect my new ideas, but it is likely I’ll revisit some of the subjects I’ve written about in the past.

I’ve also been considering what the purpose of this blog is. It began merely as a place for me to dump my Tarot musings in lieu of a physical journal, but I realize that some people actually do read my thoughts (and I appreciate those of you who do). I’d like to facilitate easier navigation of what I consider to be the Ariadne Thread within the great and confusing labyrinth that is the content of this blog.

So, in the coming weeks, I’ll be re-organizing this site and updating certain integral components of this blog, such as my Tarot bibliography and deck collection, as well as my “mission statement,” so to speak – that is, how and why I use the cards. Among other things, I’ll be updating my “About” page, and occasionally publishing posts which will be very boring to any reader – they will merely be indexes of designated subjects and not posts with content, per se. So please, if you do read this blog, bear with me.

Ultimately, this re-vamp will pave the way for more in-depth and increasingly complex studies of both individual cards (akin to my Hermit series) as well as the Tarot as a whole. At the end of the day, this blog will remain my Tarot cyber-journal, meant for me first, and for anyone else second, but if my personal reflections are going to be read by others, I’d like to be more conscious of how I present them.




2 thoughts on “Blog Overhaul.”

    1. Thank you so much. I am currently in the throes of defining and re-defining several aspects of the Tarot as it relates to myself. I’m deciding which subjects need revisiting, which are fine as I’ve already treated them, and what I wish yet to address but haven’t already. It’s all just somewhat awkward when I’ve already written so much. Change is good, though, and I am enjoying writing from a different angle. I hope you continue to read and comment, because I always enjoy receiving your feedback.

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