The Hermit Index.


This post is intended as a repository for all things Hermit on this blog, created for purposes of organization and navigation. Spend some time perusing this site, and you might notice that this old chap pops up fairly often, perhaps even disproportionately so compared to the other cards. The reason for this is that my Tarot practice and study is guided by the Hermit, who I consider to be an incarnation of the ancient gods of Wisdom – another incarnation being the Magician. Because of this, much of the meaning I derive from the Tarot in general is colored by my interpretations of these two specific figures, which I’ve written about here: The Wise Man and the Trickster.

While every card has something to teach, I consider these two especially as my mentors in the spirit realms. The Magician is very important to me – I cannot overstate this – but in terms of my own personal fascination, he doesn’t hold a candle to the Hermit (see what I did there?). It is through the Hermit that I was first made aware of the Tarot, and the connection I feel with him has never diminished.

Here is one of my earliest posts on this site, consisting of some brief opening thoughts about the Hermit, followed by an exercise in creative writing: The Hermit.

And here is a multi-part series on the symbolism of the Hermit, starting with the RWS version (my favorite), followed by examinations of various other guises he assumes within my Tarot collection:
I – An Introduction
II – Waite-Smith
III – Waite-Smith, continued
IV – Marseilles, Wirth, and Scapini
V – Mr. Crowley’s Thoth
VI – The Wildwood and Shadowscapes
VII – Lanterns and Hourglasses
VIII – The Deviant Moon
IX – Quintessence and the Hero’s Journey
X – A Conclusion

Finally, here are some posts about other Major Arcana that share some important and interesting ties with the Hermit:
The High Priestess
The Moon
and the Three Magi, which deals with the relationship between the Magician, the Hierophant, and the Hermit.



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