Care and Feeding.

Welp. It’s officially Spring. Not that the weather ’round these parts got the memo, seeing as over the Equinox we got the biggest snowstorm yet this year. Cripes, I’m tired of this shit.*

Speaking of the Equinox, I’m supposed to post an entry on the corresponding cards from the Wildwood Tarot, but I’m not going to. Sorry. I managed to keep my commitment to the Wheel of the Year series longer this year than I did last, but my life’s getting in the way, and I can’t promise any more. I didn’t do even the slightest research about the cards for this festival, and rather than bullshit anyone reading this, I figured I’d just let it go. I may or may not return to this series as future festivals roll around. Given enough time, I eventually hope to write about all of them. But enough for now.

I’m not complaining when I say my life’s getting in the way. In fact, this is a very good thing for me, I think, but it unfortunately means that I don’t have the time to dedicate to my blog that I’ve had in the past. I’m not saying I’m about to let this blog die. I intend to keep it going for years if I can, or at least until I’ve covered all the topics on my To Do list (there are more than a few, I assure you). But I may be posting less frequently than usual.

Then again, longtime followers of this site will know that I am wont to go into writer’s hibernation from time to time, so hopefully my sporadic posting habits won’t come as too much of a surprise. Still, I thought this post was warranted (mostly because it’s taking the place of that scheduled post about the Wildwood – might as well put out something of a stop gag if I’m not going to put out anything of substance, right?).


With all that being said, I hate to post things that don’t really have anything to do with the Tarot, so I’m going to ramble for a bit about some of the stuff that’s been rattling around my skull lately.

Let’s see, what’s new here….

Several weeks ago, I performed a spread for myself to help me make a decision about whether or not to go somewhere. I’m not going to get into the dirty details of my personal life, but suffice it to say that this reading not only prefaced a night which served as a catalyst for some significant developments in my life, (much of which is the reason why I haven’t been writing) but it was uncannily accurate about certain details to which I was totally oblivious at the time (this is why we keep journals of our readings, kids. You can’t know how accurate a reading truly is until you look at it again with the benefit of hindsight).

The question of divination looms over this blog. Does it really work? If so, how and why? I have a draft in the works – that has been over a year in the making now – which is supposed to answer these questions, at least in terms of my perspectives (I don’t think such questions can be answered definitively by anyone this side of the grave). It’s meant to be a follow-up to this post, but I continually run into a wall when I try to put words to the very subtle nuances of my beliefs about divination, and so it remains languishing in drafts folder limbo.

Occurrences like that which was mentioned above reinforce my beliefs about divination, and it validated to me all the time I’ve put into learning about these cards. Divination is not the only thing I get out of the Tarot, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a major aspect of my practice. The Tarot is my personal oracle, and it is a very spiritual thing. I think it’s worth mentioning that I do have anecdotal evidence of it’s efficacy in my own life, even if I’m not quite willing to share those anecdotes on my blog.

Of course, I still have questions, and I still have doubts, and I still have many things to ponder when it comes to divination, but that’s a subject for another day.

In other news, I’ve started being more open with people around me about my interest in the Tarot, which is not the way I’ve been previously. I don’t go around advertising it, but I don’t actively hide it anymore, either. As a consequence, I’ve done more readings for people I know less about, and have come to some interesting conclusions about the nature of divination for oneself versus for others. I suspect seasoned readers will already know what I’m coming to learn, but I may share it on here at some point, anyway.

Other than that, not too terribly much is new in the Sentinel’s world of Tarot reading. I think about the cards all the time, of course. The way they’ve permeated my consciousness over the course of the last couple years is remarkable. But to be honest, if I had something really significant to say about the Tarot, I’d just write a post about it, instead of using it as filler for this one.

Anyways. That’s all for now. See ya next time, whenever that might be.


*It’s actually been a very mild winter overall, but winter is winter, and even if it’s not as freezing as it should be, it’s still colder than I care for, and it’s dark. It depresses the hell out of me every year, and when March finally succeeds dismal February, I find my desperate hopes for the promise of spring dashed against its temperamental winds. I always say February is my least favorite month, but if I’m being honest, March is when I feel the deepest despair. The night is darkest before the dawn, as they say (I may have had a bit too much fun with the alliteration in this footnote, but such are the games I like to play on my blog).