The Major Arcana

Here’s a list of the Major Arcana cards. As I write about each, I will link it to this page. I’ve decided to do this, because these posts are scattered throughout this blog and are in no particular order. Now anyone interested in reading my thoughts about the Major Arcana can more easily navigate them.

When I examine the Major Arcana, I draw from many methods of interpretation, including those set forth by Waite, Crowley, and Wirth, among others. However, my main focus is through the lens of the so-called Fool’s Journey, or the archetypal Journey of the Hero and its many incarnations throughout mythology, and it is through this lens that I draw many of my connections between the cards. I believe using this basic framework is the best approach to glean symbolic meanings from the cards within the context of the entire progression, but it is by no means the only pattern I’ll be examining.

0 The Fool

I The Magician

II The High Priestess

III The Empress

IV The Emperor

V The Hierophant

VI The Lovers

VII The Chariot

VIII Justice

IX The Hermit

X The Wheel of Fortune

XI Strength

XII The Hanged Man

XIII Death

XIV Temperance

XV The Devil

XVI The Tower

XVII The Star

XVIII The Moon

XIX The Sun

XX Judgement

XXI The World